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RNR Riggers Pack

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A great new innovation in gear and equipment storage bags. The main compartment will hold 200' of 1/2? rope or additonal equipment. The two side compartments are large enough to hold the essential equipment needed for a haul, belay or lowering system. The exterior of the bag has additional loops to hold more carabiners and other equipment. ROPE & EQUIPMENT NOT INCLUDED. Weight 2.2 lbs. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Main compartment will hold 200' of 1/2? rope.
  • 10 external loops for carabiners. etc., permit easy access.
  • 2 padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying long distances.
  • Carrying handle on side of bag.
  • Unique drawstring/buckle closure system allows the top to roll up out of the way for storage.
  • Both side pockets each have 7 more daisy chain loops.
  • Both side pockets have a removable padded divider that have a total of 5 snap loops for securing larger gear
    • Main (Rope) Compartment: 20" High x 15" Diameter
    • Side Pockets: 18" long x 7.5" High"


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