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Featured Items

On this page, you will find featured and sale items. 

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Shopping for someone else and not sure what to get them? Here is a solution for you. 

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rappelling gear

Rappel Package 1

A great blend of equipment to get you out there doing some rappelling. 

This package features:

Team Wendy Exfil Backcountry Helmet-specify color.

Two Omega Pacific Auto Locking 'T' Rated Carabiners

Petzl I'D Descender

Petzl Cordex Gloves- specify size

carabiners rope rescue rigging

Carabiner Sale!!

SMC LITE Non-locking carabiner. Excellent lightweight carabiner for keeping your gear close at hand without having to deal with a lock to gain access. Color is orange, only 3 left!!

SMC LITE orange
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carabiners rope rescue rigging


Nearly 2000 feet of water rescue rope being sold at a massive discount!! All are pre-cut sections ranging from 19 feet to 46 feet. At these prices, now is the perfect time to add some to your gear, kayak, canoe, boat, car, or where ever else! 

5/16" line retails for $.46/ ft, on sale now for $.20/ft

3/8" line retails for $.64/ ft, on sale now for $.25/ ft

Contact us for more details on the lengths we have!

Rope short 94 Yellow
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carabiners rope rescue rigging

Gear keeper carabiner

Why keep using your rated carabiner to keep gear attached? These carabiners are an excellent, inexpensive option to keep your gear tidy and tethered. From hanging gloves on your rope harness to attaching your window punch to your turnout gear, the possibilities are endless. NOT FOR CLIMBING OR BUILDING RESCUE SYSTEMS.  

Gear keeper carabiner
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Omega Aluminum Auto-lock carabiner

Omega Pacific NFPA T Carabiner

Looking to add some hardware to your cache? Here is a special buy on overstock of Omega NFPA T rated carabiner. This small, lightweight aluminum carabiner boast a mighty 30kN strength along the major axis. Auto-lock closure make them simple to take on and off with one hand. 

carabiners rope rescue rigging

Webbing and Carabiner kit

With the purchase of this kit, you get 20' of webbing and one  Auto-locking carabiner, Carabiner color subject to change based on availability. Current webbing color options are Neon Yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple, or Blue. Picture shows some of the color options, please specify color when ordering. These kits go great in the pocket of your gear, pocket of you medical bag, the possibilities are endless!  Choose your color and carabiner lock below. 

Web kit Auto-lock Biner
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Webbing Color
carabiners rope rescue rigging

Coiled gear keeper

The coiled gear keeper helps keep your gear attached and close at hand. Expands to give you the length to work and then back to a stowed position. Color options: Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, or Purple. Specify color when ordering. 

Available on our water rescue page.

Coiled gear keeper
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Rigger's Guide

Technical Rescue Riggers Guide 3rd Edition

The Technical Rescue Riggers Guide, Third Edition, is here! Over a year in the making, the new third edition is the completely updated version of original Technical Rescue Riggers Guide by Rick Lipke with technical contributions by Kirk Mauthner - This is the most important reference guide for modern rescue in decades. This great new pocket reference is absolutely the most comprehensive and complete rope rescue guide available today. It shows extremely safe, modern techniques, in 224 pages, with over 600 clear illustrations and photos, from basic knots and anchors, to highlines, helo rescues, and much more!

This fully updated edition incorporates the DCTTRS (Dual Capability Two Tension Rope System) pioneered by EMBC in Canada. The DCTTRS system is rapidly becoming the standard in progressive rope work.

This new edition is printed in full color on high tech storm proof paper and completely cross referenced with handy safety reminders throughout. The Technical Rescue Riggers Guide is small enough and rugged enough to take into the field rescue after rescue.

Technical Rescuer Field  Operations Guide

5th Edition

This best selling guide covers Rope rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse and Helicopter Operations. Its designed to compliment a full training course for easy reference of important step by step procedures but can be used by rescuers at any level with detailed command checklists and important safety definitions. The hundreds of high quality illustrations help this guide set the standard as a rescuer friendly go to guide.

carabiners rope rescue rigging my medic


 Small, waterproof and lightweight... this First Aid Kit comes in a case so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Fits perfectly in most backpacks and it's even safe for carry-on wherever you fly. Contents include: rolled gauze, bandages, Liquid Skin, mole skin, Sunscreen, Hydrocortisone cream, lip ointment, Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Tweezers, Sting relief, oral pain relief, rescue whistle, paracord. 

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carabiners rope rescue rigging my medic


The MyFAK kit is pack with plenty of equipment in a compact, rugged bag. This is the advanced contents kit which includes: R.A..T.S. Tourniquet, Celox granules, Israeli bandage, assorted gauze rolls, assorted bandages, burn dressing, CPR shield, chest seal, nasal airway, emergency survival blanket, rescue whistle, paracord, sutures, penlight, trauma shears, and much more. 

MyFAK - Advanced kit
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carabiners rope rescue rigging

Rope Short

74' of 1/2" life safety rope, Safety Green color. This was a remaining section from a spool that we had. 

Rope short 74' safety green
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