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Rope Hardware

Carabiners, Screw Links, Ascenders, Descenders, Pulleys, Mechanical Advantage/Haul Systems, Rigging, Patient Movement/ packaging and more!



The MPD allows you to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware. More than nine years of research and development went into the patented Multi-Purpose Device (MPD), which features major innovations in advanced technical hardware for rope rescue professionals. The MPD’s high-efficiency pulley, with an integral rope-grab mechanism, allows it to be used as a lowering device on the main line and belay line systems and be quickly changed over to a raising system without switching out or replacing hardware. The combination of essential features into a single device simplifies on-scene rigging, expediting the rescue. The revolutionary MPD increases user safety with:

  • Reduced Weight
  • Fewer Components
  • Faster Rigging
  • Quick Changeovers
  • Simplified Training
  • Lower Risk

13mm model is NFPA G rate, 11mm model is NFPA T rated.

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ISC D5 Descender

The D5 Descender has been designed for use on 1/2″ rope. The D5 is EN12841:2006/C and is compliant with NFPA G and ANSI Z359.4:2013 and developed for the North American Fire & Rescue and Tower Climbing markets, which typically use 1/2″ ropes. The D5 is a double-stop device with an auto-lock function, which is activated whenever the operator releases the handle; and a panic-brake function, which is not overly sensitive in normal use. The D5 also has a double-locking safety mechanism. In addition to the locking button, the side plates are designed such that the plates cannot be rotated open, whilst under load, due to the position of the carabiner.

The D5 is easy to attach/detach from the rope, without having to detach from the harness, therefore eliminating the risk of accidental dropping of the device. The D5 features a progressive cam action, which offers precise control during low or high speeds. The cam is made from high grade, solid Stainless Steel, for maximum durability, even in harsh environments, such as Geotech work.

Made outside of the US.

ISC D5 Descender
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Petzl I'D

Petzl I'D

The I’D L self-braking descender is primarily designed for technical rescue. It has a multi-function handle that allows control of the descent speed, positioning at a work station without the need to tie off the device, and fluid movement along inclined or horizontal terrain. The integrated anti-panic function and anti-error catch limit the risk of an accident due to user error. Its rugged construction makes it particularly suited for hauling and lowering heavy loads. Two sizes available: Large for rope sizes 11.5mm to 13mm and Small for rope sizes 10mm to 11.5mm. 

Petzl I'D
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Scarab Rescue Tool

Scarab Rescue Tool

This device will absolutely change the way you perform rope rescue. The Scarab® represents five years of research and testing by Rick Lipke and the design team at Conterra. It was born out of the need for a small, simple device that could easily control heavy rescue loads, as well as excel at pick offs, twin rope systems and other general rescue techniques. The Scarab® does all this and more. With two models available, the Scarab® is the perfect choice for both Fire/Rescue and back country rescue environments:

• Incredibly strong • Does not twist the rope • Instantly adjustable friction (just wrap a horn) • Lower 600 lb loads with two fingers • Super easy lock off • Easy to use, right or left handed • Single and double rope capable • Attach rope without unclipping from anchor

Available in stainless steel or titanium.

rappel rack

RNR Gold Standard Rappel Rack

Gold Standard 6 Bar Rack is a unique design in rappel racks. It’s CNC machined, flat sided aluminum bars give an increased rope offset between bars, resulting in an 18% increase in friction over standard round bars. A generous sized hyperbar with a stainless steel lockoff pin provides additional friction in trying situations and provides an easier method of tying off the rack. Made in the U.S.A. Available with straight eye or twisted eye. Specify eye preference when ordering.

RnR Gold Standard Rack
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Rescue 8

Rescue 8

The “rescue” figure 8 has ears which are designed to prevent the rope from slipping up to the top and forming a girth hitch which can strand the rappeller until they can remove their weight from the device. Made in the U.S.A. Breaking strength 10,000 lbf. (44.48 kN)

Aluminum Rescue 8
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El Diablo

El Diablo

The most versatile device of its kind on the market today! Unlike other devices on the market, the El Diablo can be used with either the right or left hand. There is no guessing which way to put the device on the carabiner to use it properly. The El Diablo will not allow the rope to slide up and lock off. It can be used for canyoneering, belaying and rappelling. The El Diablo can be used on either single or double ropes for rappelling. The El Diablo does not have to be removed from the carabiner in order to attach the rope. This pays off big when working at height and there is fear of dropping the product. Due to the unique design, there are a number of different ways to use this device. Made in the U.S.A.

El Diablo
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Petzl Rescucender

Petzl Rescucender

Openable cam-loaded rope clamp. Simple to use and ergonomic, the RESCUCENDER is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device. Made outside the U.S.A.

Designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device

Simple to use, and ergonomic:

– openable cam allows installation or removal of the rope clamp at any point on the rope

– independent safety catches on each side of the device allow easy opening while reducing the risk of accidental opening. These safety catches are equipped with an unlocked indicator.

– cam integrated into frame of device to facilitate handling

– large attachment hole to facilitate carabiner rotation

– integrated cam spring helps avoid accidental snagging and increases durability

Petzl Rescucender
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Rock Exotica Omni Block Pulley

Rock Exotica Omni Block Pulleys

The Omni-Block combines a swivel and pulley into one tool, and incorporates a unique sideplate that opens while the pulley is still attached to the anchor. Traditionally, a pulley is connected to a swivel by a carabiner. However, the Omni eliminates the need for the carabiner, reducing length and pieces of equipment in the rigging system. The short length of the Omni is important when used in high-angle, confined space or other space-sensitive rigging environments. The reduced weight of the Omni will make hauling your gear easier. Additionally the Omni side-plate can be opened without detaching from the carabiner. Traditional pulleys require removing from the carabiner to change the rope. With the Omni, the user is able to do this while the pulley is still secured.

Allows rope change without detachment from carabiner.

The integrated swivel top allows the pulley to orient as needed in response to the load.

Pulley body is machined from a solid block of aluminum for strength optimization and weight reduction.

Shortens the length of rigging by combining the pulley and swivel in one device.

Several sizes and single or double to choose from. 

Certification: CE

Rock Exotica 2.0 Omni Block Double
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Sizes/ Options:
Petzl hand ascender Ascenion

Petzl Handled Ascender

These left- and right-handed ascenders feature a grip that insulates your hand in cold conditions and are large enough to accommodate bulky gloves. In fact, the safety catch can be operated with one gloved hand. Oval holes at the top allow the use of a D-shaped carabiner. For single ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter.  Right handed is gold in color, left handed is black in color.

Petzl Handled Ascender
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Camp safety pilot

Camp Safety  Pilot

 A sophisticated handled ascender designed for efficient movement along fixed lines. The cast steel cam has 17 teeth for a solid grip on the rope. The aluminum alloy frame is light yet durable and has a long rope channel for better performance on traverses. The ergonomic thermo-molded handle provides good insulation and aids grip when wet. The handle extends down around the bottom hole to provide a wide radius that reduces wear on webbing; a Quick Link or locking carabiner may also be used to attach slings. The low profile thumb release requires two actions to lock open and one to automatically lock shut and it can be operated with either hand. 

Camp Safety Pilot
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Petzl Pantin foot ascender

Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender

The PANTIN foot ascender is used with the CROLL, ASCENSION or ASCENTREE rope clamps to make rope ascents faster and less tiring. It is available in right- and left-foot versions.

Designed to make rope ascents faster and less tiring:

- used to complement CROLL, ASCENSION or ASCENTREE rope clamps

- design facilitates rope glide on the first few meters

- toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (frozen or dirty ropes...)

- mechanism is totally integrated into the body of the rope clamp to help prevent snagging

- releases from the rope with a simple backwards movement of the foot

- easy and quick adjustment with DoubleBack buckle

- catch available as accessory to keep the rope in the device during rope ascents

Rugged construction:

- stainless steel cam has better resistance to corrosion

- Dyneema® straps resist abrasion

Camp Turbo Foot Ascender
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Camp foot ascender

Camp Turbo Foot Ascender

Hook these mini ascenders to your feet and climb lines with greater ease than you ever imagined! Proprietary rollers positioned where the rope tends to rub on the body of a traditional ascender ensure smoother action and a longer product life for both the ascender and the rope. The toothed cam is finished with a special anti-wear treatment and features drain holes to help prevent the build up of mud, grit and ice. The innovative strap design provides a secure fit to any kind of boots or shoes and aligns the straps with direction of the forces being applied for optimal comfort and efficiency. The proprietary rollers also allow the Turbofoot to be rigged as a locking pulley for light hauling with a max load of 50 kg, 110 lbs. (NOTE: This configuration is not intended for hauling or securing of bodies.) The Turbofoot is for progression only and must not be used as a safety attachment. Made outside of the US. 

Camp Turbo Foot Ascender
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Petzl Croll ascender

Petzl Croll Ascender

Designed for rope ascents, the CROLL ventral rope clamp is simple to use, thanks to its pinch opening system, which is totally integrated in the clamp to avoid any involuntary snagging. The attachment holes ensure efficient positioning during ascents. It is available in two versions to adapt to different rope diameters.

Simple to use, and effective:

- catch is opened by pinching for simple, quick manipulation The safety catch is totally integrated into the body of the rope clamp to help prevent snagging

- toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (frozen or muddy ropes...) The stainless steel cam has better resistance to corrosion

- lower hole is angled to keep the device flat

- upper hole for attaching a SECUR shoulder strap to keep the rope clamp in position

Available in two versions:

- CROLL S: compact and lightweight rope clamp. This version has a rope channel that is reinforced with stainless steel, for very harsh environments. Ropes 8mm-11mm

- CROLL L: rope clamp with wide rope channel for excellent fluidity during ascents. Ropes 8mm-13mm

Certification(s): CE EN 567, CE EN 12841 type B, EAC, NFPA 1983 Technical Use

Camp Turbo Foot Ascender
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Omega G Rated Auto Lock Carabiner

Omega Pacific G-First NFPA Aluminum Carabiner

Built as the new workhorse for Fire, Industrial, Rescue, Safety and Tactical industries, the G-FIRST is the world's lightest carabiner to earn the full-strength, “General” rating from the National Fire Protection Association! Rated to 40kN, this carabiner weighs only 4.6 oz - almost 10% lighter than other G-Rated aluminum carabiners and less than half the weight of steel carabiners. G-FIRST is ISO Cold Forged from aircraft-quality, heat-treated aluminum and feature a KeyLock Nose to prevent snagging on webbing, ropes and harnesses! Whether you're fighting fires, working at height, saving lives or in a combat zone, the G-FIRST has you covered.

Bright Finish. Auto-Lock or Screw-Lock Available. 

Omega Red NFPA
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Petzl OK Oval Carabiner

The lightweight OK carabiner is made of aluminum. It has an oval shape that allows optimal loading of devices with a wide cross-section, such as pulleys, rope clamps and mobile fall arresters. Its fluid interior design and Keylock system facilitate handling. It is available in three locking systems: automatic TRIACT-LOCK or BALL-LOCK system, or the manual SCREW-LOCK system. OK can be connected to the CAPTIV bar to favor positioning of the carabiner along the major axis, to limit the risk of it flipping and to keep it integrated with the device. 

25kN Major Axis breaking strength, CE EN 362 rated.

Petzl OK Carabiner
Petzl Rollclip

Petzl Rollclips

Looking for a good option of having a carabiner and pulley  in one unit? Well, here you have it. The Petzl Rollclip is designed for many unique application. Available with a Screw-lock, Triact-lock or nonlocking. Designed to be used on ropes from 7mm to 13 mm with a major axis breaking strength of 20kN,  you will find many uses for this tool. Note: On the screw-lock and triact-lock, the gate opens towards the top of the carabiner. On the nonlocking, the gate opens towards the pulley side. 

Major axis strength: 4,496 lbf. (20 kN)

Petzl Rollclip Triact lock
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Superclip Rescue

Superclip Rescue is an excellent tool for use in Confined Space Rescue and Tower Rescue. Superclip Rescue is presently being used worldwide by Fire and Rescue Personnel, Military, Electric/power companies, industrial use and Animal Rescue services.

Now you can easily attach ropes to anchors and out of reach victims with the new Superclip Rescue. Weighs less than 2 ounces. Made from

stainless spring steel, the Superclip Rescue is built to last. The innovative design holds virtually any rescue carabiner in the open position for attachment to an anchor, rope or harness ring. To use, simply attach it to any standard extension pole then push a carabiner into the Superclip Rescue. It will now hold your carabiner open so you can reach out with the pole to attach to an anchor or victim. Patented.

Superclip Rescue is designed to hold any standard size 2 stage or 3 stage autolocking carabiner.

Pole and carabiner not included. 

Rescue Picket

Some times you just have to build your own anchor system. These pickets will do that job! Made from one inch diameter steel that is forty inches long and features a double head. Create an anchor wherever you need it to be or use these to back up a marginal existing anchor. 

This item does not qualify for free shipping. 

Rescue Picket
ISC HALO Rigging Plate

ISC HALO Rigging Plate- Medium

HALO Rigging Plates are machined from superior grade Aluminum.

HALO Plates feature a central hole, surrounded by six equi-spaced apertures, each of which is capable of accommodating multiple carabiner connections. This allows the user multiple loading options. All holes have radiused edges, to reduce rope/webbing wear and also to reduce wear from loads which are applied by carabiners.

Meets NFPA 1983-17Ed. MBS of 50kN!!

ISC Halo Rigging Plate- Medium
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Rock Exotica Rockstar 3D Rig Plate

The rockStar gives rigging professionals a variety of advantages over flat rigplates. Now professionals have the ability to connect multiple lines from several dimensions to create a floating anchor that before the release of our first 3D rigplate, was cumbersome and complex.

Weight: 7.4 oz (470gm)

Breaking Strength: 36 kN

Width: 3.0” (75 mm)

Height: 3.7” (93 mm)

Depth: 2.6” (65 mm)

Certification: CE, NFPA "G"

Rock Exotica RockStar Rock Star 3d rig plate
SMC Rigging Plate

SMC Rigging Plate

Rigging plates are indispensable and help make setting up a rope system quicker and safer. SMC’s Rigging Plate is half the size of the bigger plates on the market yet it is just as strong. Features a single, large circular center hole that accepts numerous connections simultaneously plus five oversized, ovalized holes that are each designed to handle up to 2 large rescue. Holes are individually numbered to make it quick and easy to organize connections. All edges on the SMC Rigging Plate have been contoured so that they are easy on rope, webbing, carabiners and other connectors. CNC machined from 1/2” thick aircraft quality aluminum and then anodized for quick identification and additional resistance to corrosion.

All SMC NFPA products are third party tested (by Underwriters Laboratories – UL) as required by NFPA 1983 standards.

3 Sigma MBS: 50kN (11,240 lbf)

SMC Rigging Plate
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RNR Rigging Plate

RNR Bigfoot Rigging Plate

The R-N-R Bigfoot rigging plate is crafted from aircraft aluminum. Each plate contains one (1) 2.25″ diameter anchor hole and five (5) .9″ diameter rigging holes. This unique design allows for center loading making it useful for stretcher operations. Made in the U.S.A. MBS: 13,000 lbf. (57.8 kN)

RNR Bigfoot Rigging Plate
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RNR Patient Packaging System

RNR Patient Packaging System

The Rock-N-Rescue Patient Packaging System installed in your stretcher allows you to secure a patient in a fraction of the time it takes the traditional way. Color coded straps hold the patient securely, while wide stirrups hold them in place. Individual straps can be quickly repositioned in the field to accommodate patient injuries.

Quick connect buckles mean a fast, secure connection. You’ll never want to go back to the old way again.

Stretcher and manikin not included.

RNR Patient Packaging System
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Junkin Stokes Litter

JUNKIN Stokes with steel rails.

Plastic stretcher made of yellow high density polyethylene shell, supported by a stainless steel outer rail permanently attached with stainless steel semi-tubular rivets. Features molded runners, fully exposed outer rail, non-absorbent foam pad secured to stretcher and four patient restraint straps. Ideal for unusually rugged rescue situations such as industrial, mining or construction. Made in USA.

Freight charges will be applied upon shipping.

Junkin Stokes
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Cascade Steel Litters

The Cascade Rescue Professional Series STEEL Rescue Litter offer the best of all worlds. Reasonable pricing with the most advanced features of any rescue stretcher available today. Designed for the demanding professional, the litters are constructed with a 3/4 tubular frame and 3/8 supporting cross members, powder coated for extreme durability. Each litter includes Four Quick-Tab Patient Straps, integral Patient Contour Support (standard taper boards fit too) and a heavy duty high-density polyethylene mesh liner. Made in the USA. Available in a tapered or rectangular design. 

Weight: 31lbs.

Length: 83 in.

Width: 24 in.

Height: 6 in.

Freight charges will be applied upon shipping.

Cascade Steel Litter