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Systems, kits, and components

On this page, you will find ready for service systems, kits, and components to build your own. 



The HaulerBiner is a mechanical advantage system, which has three pulley wheels incorporated into each Karabiner, creating a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 Mechanical Advantage system. The HaulerBiner has a purpose designed progress capture cam, with an ‘on/off’ position.

The HaulerBiner utilises purpose-developed 6mm (1/4″) diameter rope, for strength and easy handling/best grip.

The HaulerBiner can be used in a number of ways:

As part of a pick-off system

On a structure, pull down on the system and achieve a 6:1 (theoretical) Mechanical Advantage

When suspended in a harness, the user can pull up on the system and achieve a 7:1(theoretical) Mechanical Advantage

With a D4/D2 Descender, as part of a short-haul/long-lower system

As a tensioning system for short/low load lines

As a stretcher management device, using two or more HaulerBiners to easily change or adjust the orientation of the stretcher

The HaulerBiner is supplied in a double pocket pouch, for easy deployment and storage on the user’s harness.


Aztek System Kit

The AZTEK system has become the ultimate Personal Mechanical Advantage kit that can be configured as a 5:1, or 4:1 with a re-direct by just rotating the system. The AZTEK can be used as a pick off, adjustable directional, high directional guyline, high angle attendant tether, high angle litter scoop, load release hitch and much more. Each pulley is color coded to match with a corresponding prusik for quick identification. The AZTEK pulleys are machined from solid aluminum, feature swivel connection points, and utilize high efficiency bearings. 

Two bag options:

Standard- fanny pack stle bag

Pro- Leg drop style bag

Rock Exotica Aztek
Petzl JAG



- allows pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, tensioning a system...

- can be coupled with an I'D descender to make a reversible rescue kit to pick off and evacuate a victim

Hauling effectiveness:

- 4:1 mechanical advantage allows user effort to be divided by 4

- excellent efficiency due to sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings

- deployment possible even when the distance to the anchor is very short, thanks to the extreme compactness of the collapsed system

- 8 mm lightweight rope The mechanical advantage guarantees a good grip.

Quick and easy to deploy:

- kit always ready to use, thanks to the flexible cover that prevents any risk of tangling

- haul end immediately identifiable, thanks to the yellow color of the end of the cover

- the ends of the cover hold the connectors in position to facilitate clipping

Comes with two Am'D TRIACT-LOCK auto-locking carabiners

Available in three lengths: 1, 2 and 5 m

JAG and JAG TRAXION pulleys also available separately for making long haul systems (e.g. confined space descent/ascent system)


Material(s): aluminum, nylon, polyurethane

Rope diameter: 8 mm

Certification(s): EAC

Sheave type: sealed ball bearings

Working load: 6 kN

Breaking strength: 16 kN

Efficiency: 91 %


MARS System

The Mars System is a pre-rigged/pre-packaged 4:1 mechanical advantage lifting-lowering system using a double camming pulley. It is designed to lift and lower live loads and as such may be used for rescue or entry into confined spaces. All components used in the Mars System exceed the current NFPA, ANSI and OSHA requirements. No more fumbling about looking for parts to build a mechanical advantage system and no more scratching your head trying to remember how to assemble the parts! Thanks to the 4:1 mechanical advantage, it is easy to lift a 2 person load and then some. Unlike other manufacturers, we rig the Mars System with 1/2″ NFPA 2 person rated rope. The maximum safe working load at the load end of the system is 1,760 lbs.and 440 lbs. at the cam.

Each kit listed contains the following:

R-N-R double camming pulley

1/2" NFPA 2 person rope (Length varies depending on kit

R-N-R double sheave pulley

2 carabiners

Storage bag

All items preassembled and packaged

MARS System